Book Fair 2006

Some highlights at the Small Press Center 2006 Book Fair

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D. Wayne Dworsky's Display
Jewish Books
Library Downstairs

Children Book Display

Concrete Jungle Press Exhibit
Library Downstairs

Vendor with Library Book
Discount Book Vendor
Library Downstairs

Looking Down on the Library from the Balcony

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The 2006 Book Fair at the Small Press Center in the Library of the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen proved to be a great success. Thirty thought-provoking panels, featuring over sixty of New York City’s top literary and political figures participated. There was even a free gift-wrapping service, and plenty of fresh coffee and muffins.

Over 100 small publishers participated filling the main library, the balcony, second, and third floors. Books, which were available for purchase, ranged from books of religion to cutting edge fiction, to children’s books, to a wealth of non-fiction. Some well established small presses sold older, out-of-print books by well-known authors at great discounts.

Close to 3,000 visitors came to browse and buy books, including several notable speakers who addressed various aspects of publishing pitfalls of the small press. It was a time for booklovers from all walks of life to join together for common interests.